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It is common knowledge that the prevalence of social vices among the youths is largely attributed to the nation's unstable economy which has carried in its train the intracable problem of unemployment.

Over the years, especially since the era of national economic crunch in the Nigeria, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sabo-Oke, Ilorin, has been noticeably pondering over what could be done to bail out her members, particularly the Youths who happen to be the worst victims.

Recently, the youth organisation of the church came out with a proposal aimed at alleviating the scorch of joblessness and submitted same to the Church Executive committee for consideration and necessary attention.

Consequently, the Church, having affirmed the desirability of the scheme as contained in the presented proposal, set up a seven (7) member Committee. After careful consideration of the report the Church board approved to set up in the Church, Youth Empowerment Scheme.


  1. To enhance employment opportunities for the unemployed youths.
  2. To gear the members towards self-reliance through self employment.
  3. To make members imbibe the culture of savings and investment.
  4. To educate members to improve their resourcefulness and productivity
  5. To create awareness on prudent financial management e.g on cash, credit facility and indebtedness.
   GUIDELINES FOR Personal Thrift & Savings Loan Scheme     
  1. Membership is open to all Youths of Emmanuel Baptist Church Sabo-Oke, Ilorin, provided their membership can be ascertained by th Employment and Investment Committee.
  3. The holder of the saving account must target it towards a particular investment projects.
  4. The treasurer of the Committee shall be responsible for giving account of all receipts and payments of the scheme.
  5. Saving shall not be withdrawn without meeting the agreed target.
  6. Any account holder that fails to remit the agreed amount into his/her account in three consecutive months shall have his/her account suspended.
  7. The account in not tranferable from person to person.

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