Last Sunday I began a series on divine principles for experiencing the miraculous and we looked at one of the principles taken from Mark 11:22 “Have faith in God”. We looked at the place of faith in experiencing the miraculous.
Today I want to conclude on the aspect of faith as we consider how to develop or generate faith to receive the miraculous.

-    FAITH FOR SALVATION – Motivation by the Holy Spirit to entrust our lives to God

-    FAITH FOR VICTORY – We daily need to overcome the challenges that the devil brings our way

-    FAITH FOR RECEIVING THINGS FROM GOD – We have to trust him for all we need for a comfortable life

The focus this morning is on faith to receive things from God
1.    The word of God –Roman 10:17
-    Read it
-    Confess it/ verbalize it, announce it
-    Apply it

2.     Mind what/who  you listen to – The words spoken by people also help you to develop faith or deflate your faith.

3.    Always sit where things that will activate your faith will take place

4.    Encourage yourself in the Lord

5.    Walk with like minded people (Men of faith)

6.    Act on the words of faith that you have heard and confessed