Missions & Outreaches

Glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of our faith, who calls us into the ministry of reconciliation. Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ilorin, holds tenaciously on the legacy of soul winning that has been divinely handed over to the church. That is why she is doing all things in her capacity not to disappoint Jesus by taking Great Commission with levity. Emmanuel Baptist Church has been setting the pace from the time the church is planted. The church is being envied that every other church in and outside her denomination wants to be like Emmanuel. Despites many challenges and opposition from the pit of hell yet Emmanuel Baptist church Sabo-Oke is transforming people's lives and translating souls into the kingdom of God.

Through this EMBC has planted many churches in and outside Ilorin as well as beyond Kwara. Most of these were being achieved through committed members and an outstanding group called The Missionary Volunteers. This Volunteer group made evangelism and church planting their priority above selfish interest. Evangelism became part and parcel of almost every member of the church by influence and impartation.

Today, Emmanuel Baptist church is also doing well. We have seventeen (17) churches/preaching stations in and outside Ilorin metropolis. The churches that are in the Ilorin axis are:

** Shalom Baptist Church Tanke-Iledu, agbabiaka Rd, Ilorin.
** Agape Baptist Church, Ita-Elepa, Asa Dam Rd, Ilorin
** Glorious Light Baptist Church, Gaa-Immam, Ilorin.
** Trinity Baptist Church, Behind Ori-Oke Prayer Ground, Tanke, Ilorin
** Living Stream Baptist Church, Tanke-Agbede, Ilorin
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kangu, Ilorin
** New Heritage Baptist Church, Opp. Stella Morris, Tanke, Ilorin.
(In partnership with New Heritage Baptist Church, Somolu, Lagos.)

The churches that are outside Ilorin:
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Elemere, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Adio-Oloru, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ayeun, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Alagbede, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Weru, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Aramu, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Isale-Awon, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Mogaji, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ibagun-Suru, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.
** Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ketere-Daba, Moro Local Govt. Kwara State.

One of the greatest challenges is that all the mentioned churches are directly under Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sabo-Oke, Ilorin. In other words, these churches/stations are being financed by the mother church because they are yet to be organised. EMBC is committed to being faithful to saving lives till Christ return. This church is seriously mapping out strategies and modalities through the Holy Spirit for more church planting. We need to contextualize our method without compromising the standard given to us by our Master, Jesus Christ.

We thank God Almighty who saved and called us into the ministry of reconciliation through his mercy and grace. The mission work has been successful despite all kinds of challenges. First and foremost we give glory to the name of the Lord for giving us journey mercy to the nooks and crannies to preach the message of love and salvation. This is not by power nor by might but by divine endowments from the Holy Spirit. We also thank God for physical, spiritual and material blessings we received every day.

EMBC is committed to being faithful to saving lives till Christ return.

Salvation of souls is the core value of great commission given by the Lord Jesus Christ before His ascension. This must be done both in the cities as well as in the villages (rural areas). It has been observe that rural ministries seem to be most tasking and demanding in term human and financial; materials and tools suitable for the work. However, despites all these difficulties, Emmanuel Baptist Church travail to keep the work without little reservation.

The following are the tips of development and achievement in the rural areas:
We started school in Ketere – Daba with 48 pupils. Some withdrew and others enrolled. Their numerical strength is now seventy-eight (78). There are serious challenges but trust God for breakthrough. Keep on praying for us.
We also stated adult literacy class (yaki da jahilci) with 18 participants.
We built two blocks of 2 and 3 classrooms respectively.
We also built one room for the use of volunteer teacher. It is becoming two small for us because number of teachers we do have a times. We have a permanent teacher residing in village. We need more helping hands to pay his salary.
We have introduced boarding school due to the fact that some parents and their children are interested but the distance is a major barrier. Our pressing need is sinking bore-hole. Five places has been dug but with no tangible result. You need to see the water we drink so terrible.

There are four major outreaches each year, namely,

The first is "Saving and Making them Strong" (SMS) outreach powered by the WMU of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sabo-Oke, Ilorin. The aim is to save lives for Christ and to make strong for God. Of course with major focus on women.
The second is the church BSF "Rugged Evangelism" (R E) outreach.
The third is "Church Easter Outreach" (CEO). The youth fellowship initiates it during Easter.
The fourth is the "Emmanuel Christmas Outreach" (ECO). This is to make every soul feel important. Making Every Soul Important (MESI). This comes up every Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Emmanuel Baptist Church Isale – Awon is been roofed again after a heavy storms removed the roof.
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ibagun-Suru begins to build her church auditorium that must be roofed before raining season.
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Adio, is been built to lentil level. We have to it very soon.
Aroyehun pastorium has been plastered, floored as well as fixed the Iron door and windows. We need louvers, net and electrification.

Outstanding Project for 2015
Elemere church auditorium is urgently needed.
Complete electrification of Aroyehun pastorium
To complete the house built for teacher in Ketere.
Changing the location of Aroyehun auditorium because of market.
Roofing the Ibagun-Suru auditorium.
Building auditorium at Alagbede is very urgent
To complete Adio's auditorium.