Visit to Ketere Solar Powered Water Project

On Monday 6th November, 2017. Our Pastor, Rev Dr Olawuyi James and Mission Pastor, Rev Yemi Ishola were on a visit to Ketere (a village in Moro local govt of Kwara State) and environs. The visit was to access the level of our various ongoing project on this mission field, ranging from a bridge constructed from start to finish, borehole in different locations, solar powered borehole, hostel dormitory and block of classrooms.

• It is of noteworthy that the people of these communities have been cut of due to lack of bridge but CHRIST - the bridge has connected/linked them.

• We equally like you to know that these people have not seen electricity light before, but CHRIST - the light has shown up for them, they now have light.

• In the same vein, these people didn't have access to portable water in the past but CHRIST - the water of life has given them one.

• The children in this neighborhood even in their teenage years have not stepped into school until Emmanuel Baptist Church came with full scholarship (feeding inclusive), with most pupils on boardinghouse. We now have some of them in Secondary schools in the state capital on scholarship as well.

• These people were once termed, "the forgotten ones" but today, we refer to them as the blessed ones. Because CHRIST has given them new life and hope.

It is our prayer that GOD will show up for you in every area and dimension where you need him.

EMBC.... God with us... Touching lives, changing lives and raising champions.

To God be the glory.